to hold your encyclopedias up

March 3, 2010

While I was at  browsing the interwebs today because, unfortunately, I don’t have much else to do I came across these…

Elephant Bookends, Barneys New York, $295.00

Yes, they are wonderful I know! Handmade in Italy. Wow. Unfortunately, I am poor, just out of college, and working for the government, so there is no way I will be able to afford something this nice in oh, about 20 years. However, all hope is not lost! Those of us who can’t afford $300 bookends can still hold up our encyclopedia collections. Instead of Barneys we will shop at our beloved Target (pronounced Tar-jay) and we will buy these…

Baby Elephant Bookends, Target, $9.99

Target always comes to the rescue! These bookends are lovely as well. The abstract design is unique. One thing I really like about elephants is that no matter how abstract people design them, you can always tell that they are meant to be elephants. The trunk and the ears make it so that elephants are never mistaken.



  1. i love the target bookends even better than the barneys ones…the target ones look more friendly =)

    • i agree! i think you would find the target ones in a more homey home and the barneys ones in a house that you are not allowed to touch anything…

  2. the target one looks like a blob and freaks me out a little bit. then again, i’m a barney’s house kindof girl hahaha!

    • lol i like the target one!

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