6 elephants at the dallas zoo

March 8, 2010

I am from Dallas and I love Big D! I have been to the Dallas Zoo many times and enjoy visiting the elephants.

In 2008, KeKe the elephant passed away. What came after was a huge controversy about where to send her companion, Jenny. Elephants are social creatures and they need to be around other elephants. The Association of Zoos and Aquariums has made it a requirement that at least two elephants be in a zoo exhibit.

The Dallas Zoo was planning to send Jenny to a facility in Mexico, but an organization in Dallas was very opposed to the idea and protested. This incident made national news. The result of this controversy was expediting the construction of the Giants of the Savanna habitat, which was financed by a 2006 City of Dallas bond.

The Giants of the Savanna habitat is 11 acres and is scheduled to be completed in May of this year. It will house the elephants, but also the giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and other large animals. “The Savanna habitat includes a 10,000-square-foot elephant house that includes padded, heated floors and a community room with a 7-foot-deep sand base. The house opens up to a 6-acre grassland, which includes features designed to keep the animal occupied” reports the Dallas Morning News.

Because of this expansion, the Dallas Zoo was able to keep Jenny and in 2009, Gypsy, another elephant, also became a resident of the Dallas Zoo. Now, two more female African elephants have joined Gypsy and Jenny! There names are Kamba and Congo. The last two elephants, Stumpy and Mama, will arrive in Dallas by the end of March! The new additions to the Dallas elephant family will be able to be seen by the public beginning Memorial Day weekend.

Female African Elephants at the Dallas Zoo
-Jenny, 33 years old, 10500 lbs.
-Gypsy, 27 years old, 8500 lbs.
-Kamba, 30 years old, 4700 lbs.
-Congo, 32 years old, 5400 lbs.
-Stumpy, 41 years old, 10500 lbs.
-Mama, 37 years old, 8000 lbs.

I am so happy that Jenny has so many companions now. There were lots of concerns about her depression when KeKe died. I hope she is doing better now and these new additions to the family make the Dallas Zoo seem more like a home to her.

In Memory of KeKe


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  1. awww! i hope jenny is happy and that all of the new elephants are getting along!

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