elephant checks

March 26, 2010

I recently ran out of checks after 4.5 years since I ordered my first set… shows how much I use checks. Actually the main reason I use checks is to pay my beautiful mother for all the bills she is still taking  care of for me. So I am paying my own bills just not “paying” my own bills. Get it? Anyway, I give my mother a set amount of money each time I get paid. At first we tried to do electronic transfers but my bank (I won’t name names) is the king of ridiculous fees. So I had to pay a ridiculous amount just to transfer money to my mothers account. So then we decided I would just send her checks every two weeks. But that practice ended up depleting the last of my check stash which is why I had to buy new ones. I was without checks for about a month so my mom was without money for about a month.. hehe.. she lived :)

I went on a mission to find the perfect set of checks. I don’t know why this was so important to me, but it was. I tried to order checks from my banks website and I narrowed it down to Dallas Cowboys checks or Hello Kitty checks. I asked my friends what they thought and the results were all over the place. Some thought Hello Kitty wasn’t professional enough. Others thought Hello Kitty checks fit perfectly with my personality. A couple of Cowboys fans really loved the Dallas Cowboys checks and  thought those were a bit more professional, but not by much. I eventually decided against both of those choices because I found this wonderful website called Girly Checks.

On the Girly Checks site they have every type of check style imaginable for every type of person. I did a search for elephants and it turned up some great options for me! I ended up settling on some elephant checks with four different designs. Here is how two of the designs look: (I will try to get some better pictures up later but my camera is being a loser right now)

The best thing about Girly Checks was the price! I got my checks wayy cheaper than what the bank was trying to charge me! Now when I write a check happiness will follow… because I’ll  be using elephant checks! Makes me smile everytime!!


One comment

  1. that second check, with the baby on it, is adorable. great decision. also you will be able to connect with other elephant lovers this way!

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