elephant gets some love at cricket world cup

April 7, 2010

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever watched a cricket match. Not even a little bit of one. And if you asked me how to play I would say something like “I think its a mix between soccer and golf”. Well, since I don’t know anything about this sport and I’m mentioning it in this blog, maybe I should do some research. One sec…

Ok, I’m back… Cricket reminds me of baseball. There’s a guy who throws a ball and another guy who hits it with a bat-like object and then other guys who try to retrieve it once it’s been hit. But online people say that baseball and cricket are nothing alike. Anywho, cricket is the world’s second most popular sport after football (or soccer as you Americans like to call it). I think I was confusing cricket with badmington when I said cricket was a hybrid of soccer and golf… oops hehe. If you would like to expand your knowledge about cricket watch this short video overview here.

I bet by this point you’re wondering how this post has to do with elephants. Well, it does…

Cricket World Cup Mascot

The mascot for the  2011 Cricket World Cup is an elephant! In 2011, the Cup will be jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Residents of those three nations will soon be able to vote for the name of the mascot. So if you live in India, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh, you should vote! I wish I could vote. Perhaps I’ll move to India…

And to the World Cup people… if you’re looking for an elephant mascot costume, I can get you a good deal on one at Tarjay.  Just let me know and I’ll hook you up!


One comment

  1. oh man, that’s cool! i wonder what mascots other country groups would have chosen.

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