shakespeare’s pizza

April 21, 2010

Last weekend I took a mini vacation and drove two hours to Columbia, MO, home of the University of Missouri Tigers. My brother is a proud student at Mizzou so I went to visit him. I had a great time and would like to thank him for being a spectacular host!

I am a loser and I like to be all touristy when I visit  places. I had visited Mizzou before but I never really researched the city of Columbia and what to do before those visits. Probably because those times I went for specific reasons:  moving my brother into his dorm/apartment, Family Weekend, Homecoming Weekend, my brother’s probate, etc., etc. Well, this time I was just going. I just wanted to spend time with my brother and get out of St. Louis for a little bit. My research led me to the most popular pizza joint in Columbia:

Shakespeare’s Pizza.

The pizza was so good it deserves it’s own line. I may even have to say this is the best pizza in the state of Missouri. Even better than Pi (for the St. Louisans and Barack Obama).

You’re probably wondering why I’m writing a quasi review of a pizza restaurant since it has nothing to do with elephants. Well, I say WHO CARES? I can write whatever I want! It is MY blog.

Haha…just kidding! I get to write about  Shakespeare’s because of this:

This picture was hanging up write above the table that I chose for us to sit at when we ate at Shakespeare’s. When I saw it of course I had to take a picture of it! And I told my brother this gives me an excuse to write about Shakespeare’s. And you know what he said? “Really? I will actually read your blog if you write about Shakespeare’s” At least he’s honest…

Shakespeare’s is the most popular restaurant in Columbia, MO. And if you want quality, you have to wait. The first time my brother and I tried to go on Saturday for lunch, there was an hour and a half wait for pizza. We hadn’t eaten breakfast so we were real hungry. We went to another Columbia establishment, the Heidelberg. The second time we tried for dinner around 8:30pm and the wait for pizza was an hour and a half. We had to get ready to go out for the night so we didn’t have time to wait. Instead we went to good ol’ Chipotle… My brother said we would come for lunch before I left on Sunday. It opened at 11am so we would try to get there when it opened.

On Sunday we got to Shakespeare’s around 11:30am. We ordered a pepperoni pizza with jalapenos and artichokes. The lady who took our order told us we made a good choice. We also ordered a couple Fitz’ rootbeers. Yum.  Total was about $18. Then we waited… and waited… and waited… and… waited some more… and waited a little bit more… I swear we waited like an hour but it was probably more like 30 minutes. And my brother kept trying to reassure me it was worth the wait. THEN I heard it: “CECE!” Yes, that’s me. Yes, that’s my pizza.

And my brother ain’t never lied! IT WAS SOOO WORTH THE WAIT. The pizza was THAT good.

We ate almost all of it then I remembered I need to take a picture for this post. Also, they don’t give you napkins at Shakespeare’s. They give you these little red towels instead. And you definitely need the towels because it gets messy!

The pizza was delicious. It was hot, cheesy, and the ingredients were fresh. The pepperoni, jalapeno, artichoke combo was PERFECT. The cashier was right! The crust was tasty. The only complaint I had was that they should have cooked the pizza for maybe one minute less. It was extra crunchy in some places. But, the overall quality of the pizza overshadows that.

I would definitely recommend Shakespeare’s if you are ever in Columbia, MO. If you are taking a road trip, it would be worth it to drive out of your way for an hour to eat here. Just saying…

And the icing on the top of the cake of my Shakespeare’s experience was the elephant picture. That made me so happy. Outside of the building there is a mural on the brick wall. The mural recreates what is inside the restaurant. Here is our little elephant buddy in the mural!

Can you find him???


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