first youtube video

April 23, 2010

Today, April 23rd, 2010, marks the five year anniversary of the first video upload on YouTube. To my surprise the video is about elephants! It is actually a really random video entitled “Me at the zoo” by YouTube cofounder Jawed Karim. It was filmed at the San Diego Zoo.

The guy in the video is pretty profound…

“And the cool thing about these guys is that they have really… really… really… long… um… trunks. And that’s, that’s cool.”

I think this ranks in my top ten favorite quotes.

I don’t have the ability to embed videos into my blog yet, so watch the 19 second video HERE.



  1. Hey! I’m From Costa Rica and I’m elefan XD It’s an amazing site, have a good day :3

    • thanks so much! hope you have a great day too :)

  2. that is some really cool trivia!

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