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order of the pink elephant

May 28, 2010

I was at a jazz lunge last Saturday and the coasters looke like this:

I was surprised when I first saw it and a little excited that I had more material for my blog. I took the coaster and planned on writing about Delirium Tremens in my next post. Several days later on Thursday (yesterday) night, I was at a restuarant with a friend. We set outside and the umbrellas over our table had the same design:

Twice in one week?! I was a little confused. I think I’m decently observant, so I thought it weird that I had never noticied this pink elephant before. I think its funny how you never notice something before then it pops up more than once in such a short period of time. I have three possible explanations.

1) I am blind and overlooked the pink elephants before. ( Me overlooking pink elephants? Not likely).
2) Out of the two places, I had only been to one once a few years back and the other was my first visit. Therefore, it could be that I do not usually frequent places with pink elephant beers. (If thats the case I will have to change that).
3) Delirium Tremens started a huge advertising campaign and we will all know what Delirium Tremens is in a couple of months. (I hope so because I love seeing pink elephants when I’m out).

In any case, Delirium Tremens is a Belgian beer. Author Stuart A. Kallen ranked it #1 in his book entitled The 50 Greatest Beers in the World. Delirium Tremens also won the title of “Best Beer in the World” at the 1998 World Beer Championship. If you are a beer drinker, I’d recommend giving it a try. Although I haven’t tried it, the reviews I’ve read have been favorable.

So why the pink elephant?

When people say “seeing pink elephants” it means having drunken hallucinations usually caused by delirium tremens. Delirium tremens is severe alcohol withdrawal. A good example of this is in the movie Dumbo. When Dumbo accidentally gets drunk he sees a pink elephant parade. If you’ve never seen it watch it here.

I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day. If you make it to a bar that serves Delirium Tremens, give it a try. Oh and remember to chug the first one!


baby baylor

May 21, 2010

On Tuesday May 4th, 2010 a baby elephant was born at the Houston Zoo to mother Shanti. The baby was named Baylor in order to recognize the efforts of the Baylor College of Medicine to decrease the threat of the elephant herpes virus. This virus is extremely dangerous and a significant killer of baby elephants bred in captivity.

Houston Culture Map published a photo exhibit entitled Elephant Walk. It showcases some of Baylor’s daily activities as a newborn. Below are a few pictures from Elephant Walk. They’ll make you smile :)


the secret life of elephants review

May 18, 2010

On Sunday, I had the privilege of watching The Secret Life of Elephants special that I talked about last Friday. It was outstanding. I predicted that it would be “a story of life and survival that will increase your knowledge, understanding, and love for these beautiful animals”. It was so much more than that. The special was so real and emotional. 

I actually cried at one part. A mother elephant with two calves passed away. Her two calves were trying to wake her up, but she wouldn’t move. The youngest calf continuously nudged her and nudged her but his mother wouldn’t get up. You could tell that the calf was confused and didn’t know what to do. It was utterly heartbreaking watching the two calves work to awaken their mother, but her lifeless body didn’t make a move. 

The documentary also followed two baby elephants that had injured legs. It was painful watching these babies walk on their injured limbs. Their legs were so swollen and huge that you could tell the little ones were in complete discomfort. At one point, one of the babies tried to splash water on his limb to alleviate the pain. With each of these injured calves, the mother stayed behind to watch over her baby. This caused them to get lost from the rest of the herd and have to fend for themselves. But it showed the power of a mother’s love and how much she would sacrifice for her baby. 

There were also happy times while following the elephants. It was so cute watching the calves play and wrestle with each other. One little calf named Breeze especially liked tumbling around with her elder brother. It was amazing to see that type of sibling relationship among elephants. 

I thoroughly enjoyed this special. The commentary was great and the Save the Elephants team did a good job narrating the story of these elephants. If you have any interest in buying the DVD, you can find it at the BBC Shop. I think it would be worth every penny. 

The Secret Life of Elephants, £14.49, BBC Shop



so adorable i could eat it

May 17, 2010

lover of parfaits, the color pink, and elephants

That is my twitter bio. I hate to admit it but it’s actually a pretty accurate description of myself. If you can imagine a young lady who obsesses over yumlicious yogurt layered with fruit and granola, whose room has enough pink in it to make you puke, and who has a blog about elephants (I mean, who does that?) you would be imagining me! :)

I mention my bio because I found two of my loves in one. This piggy bank, or should I say elephant bank, is soooo freakin adorable that I could eat it.

Elephant Bank, $12.00, Urban Outfitters

It’s pink and it’s an elephant. Two out of three ain’t bad. And maybe from the money I save I’ll be able to buy a couple parfaits :)


the secret life of elephants

May 14, 2010

If you tune into Animal Planet this Sunday, I promise that you’ll be in for a real treat! The two-hour documentary entitled  The Secret Life of Elephants airs at 8 pm ET/ 7 pm CST Sunday on Animal Planet. It follows a research team from Save the Elephants and chronicles the lives of more than 900 elephants living in the National Samburu Reserve in Kenya. The Save the Elephants research team kept track of the elephants with high-tech radio collars that had the ability to alert the researchers on the whereabouts of specific elephants. 

This special should be EXTRA SPECIAL because the story lines will show us how similar these creatures are to humans. There will be death and mourning, birth and mating, trials and tribulations, and family drama. Elephant emotions if jealousy, sadness, concern and anger will also be explored. I predict it will be a story of life and survival that will increase your knowledge, understanding, and love for these beautiful animals. 

So tune in! The Secret Life of Elephants, Sunday, May 16th 8pm ET/7pm CST on Animal Planet in HD! 




the elephant parade, london

May 10, 2010

I probably should’ve wrote about this last week when it began, but I was busy figuring out what I was gonna do with the next four years of life. Well, I figured it out, so that’s good. I will be attending Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. I’m really excited/nervous/happy to be starting this next phase of my life. And I’m so happy I have this blog because I think it will be a great outlet during the stressful days of medical school.

Now, that I’ve updated you on my life, let’s talk elephants!

Last week was the beginning of the Elephant Parade in London. Throughout London there are 260 life-size elephants painted and decorated by celebrities, designers, and artists. Isaac Mizrahi, Diane von Frustenburg, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few who participated. The elephants will be on display all over the city of London through the months of May and June.

The Elephant Parade is hosted by Elephant Family and the Greater London Authority. The goal of the parade is to raise awareness of the dire situation Asian elephants are in. Additionally, at the end of the two month display the elephants will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit 20 different conservation agencies in the United Kingdom.

How some of these elephants are created are so creative and intricate. I wish I was in London because it seems like such a lovely art project around the city. Below are a few pictures from the Elephant Parade.

So cool. Which one is your favorite?


elephant cookie… yummm

May 5, 2010

My friend Dave was studying for law school exams at a place called Tea Lounge in Brooklyn, NY. They had elephant cookies and he sent me  pictures :)

They are very cute elephant cookies indeed. They look pretty tasty as well.


yum yum

Next time you’re in Brooklyn and you’re craving something elephanty (yes, I just made that word up), be sure to stop by the Tea Lounge. And say hi to Dave for me!