so adorable i could eat it

May 17, 2010

lover of parfaits, the color pink, and elephants

That is my twitter bio. I hate to admit it but it’s actually a pretty accurate description of myself. If you can imagine a young lady who obsesses over yumlicious yogurt layered with fruit and granola, whose room has enough pink in it to make you puke, and who has a blog about elephants (I mean, who does that?) you would be imagining me! :)

I mention my bio because I found two of my loves in one. This piggy bank, or should I say elephant bank, is soooo freakin adorable that I could eat it.

Elephant Bank, $12.00, Urban Outfitters

It’s pink and it’s an elephant. Two out of three ain’t bad. And maybe from the money I save I’ll be able to buy a couple parfaits :)


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