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one lucky elephant

June 28, 2010

Yesterday marked the last day of the Los Angeles Film Festival. “One Lucky Elephant”, a documentary, had its world premiere at the film festival. It is a story that explores the issues with keeping wild animals in capitvity but also captures the intimate relationship between man and pet. The pet elephant’s name is Flora and her keeper’s name is David Balding. Flora worked in a St. Louis circus for 16 years with David. Eventually David realized Flora didn’t enjoy being in the circus anymore. She needed to be around other elephants and live her life as an elephant, not a pet. The movie follows David and Flora for nine years while David tried to find a new home for Flora, a home where she could be happy and around other elephants. I haven’t seen the movie but the reviews have been really good. If you are interested the trailer can be watched here. The film should be slowly making its way to smaller theatres around the United States and they are also working on a DVD.

The website for the film is You can also friend One Lucky Elephant on Facebook or follow on Twitter.


elephant table

June 23, 2010

This is not the post I had planned, but I lost my camera charger. Without my camera charger, I can’t charge my camera battery. And since my camera battery is dead I can’t upload my camera pictures. I need those pictures for the post I wish I was writing. My friend is sending me my charger so I hope it gets here soon.

The first runner up post is about this table from Pier 1 Imports

Elephant Table, $69.98, Pier 1 Imports

My friend Dione was shopping the other day and sent me this picture from Pier 1 Imports. Shout out to Dione because she provides me with about half of my material for this blog. I love her.

I think this table would be a great addition to any decor, but it would especially go well in a Victorian-inspired living room or bedroom. Additionally, this table is hand-woven, hand-painted, and hand-finished so I would expect it to be pretty good quality. Regular price is $99.95 but right now its on clearance for $69.98. The Pier 1 Imports website says limited availability, so if you want this table act fast!

In the meantime I’ll be waiting for my camera charger so I can write my Happy Birthday post!


last day

June 17, 2010

Today is my last day at my place of employment. I started a few weeks after I graduated college in 2009. My exact start date was June 8, 2009. Now, a little more than a year later, I’m moving on to bigger and better things.  The past year was definitely hard but I learned valuable lessons that I can take with me on the rest of my life journey.  The thing that I will miss about my job is the people. It has been a pleasure to work with them and the work that they do is so important to this country. Thank you guys! I’ll miss you!

I leave you with the background I had on my work computer for the past year…


best day at the zoo ever

June 14, 2010

Last time I posted was right before the start of Memorial Day Weekend. Since then I’ve been extra busy at work and plagued with no internet at home. This week internet was finally restored and I’m such a happy camper.

For this post I am going to take it back to two weeks ago… Memorial Day Weekend. A lot of that weekend sucked for me. I spent 75% of it moving out of my house. I’m never making the mistake of moving by myself again. I had sold the big stuff like my bed and dresser but I transported about 2.5 carloads of crap to my temporary place of residence. I finally finished moving on Sunday night and went out for my friend’s birthday. But Monday, May 31st, 2010, Memorial Day, made up for the suckiness of moving that weekend.

On Memorial Day, I went to the zoo with my friend that was leaving town for a few weeks and wouldn’t be back before I left St. Louis for good. So this was the last time we would hang out for a long time. I love going to the zoo and I’ve had a great time every single time I’ve ever been to a zoo. The animals just make me so happy. But this zoo outing was the best day at the zoo ever.. in life.

The weather was perfect. Nice and sunny. When we first got there my friend stopped for a hot dog and an icee. Then we made our way to see the animals. I had two requirements for the day… see the elephants and eat a funnel cake. We walked toward the elephants first. On the way to the elephants, we passed the rhinos and the hippos.


Reason #1 why this was the best day at the zoo: one of the hippos was outside of the water! I had only ever seen the hippos swimming around inside the water. This was the first time I had seen one walking around on the rocks!

hippo outside water!

After I got uber excited about the hippo being outside the water and my friend was looking at me like I was crazy we made it to my favorite part of the zoo!

Reason #2 why this was the best day at the zoo: One of the elephants was swimming inside the water! I had never seen an elephant fully submerged and playing around in the water before!

elephant swimming!

And this elephant was having the time of his life in that water! She was putting on a show for us. She pretended she was getting out of the water then fell right back in splashing water everywhere! I was sooo happy! You definitely could’ve mistaken me for being a little kid. The other elephant was throwing itself with dirt and then she crossed her back legs. It was adorable.

legs crossed

As we kept walking we saw more and more. All the elephants were out today. I’m not sure how many elephants live at the St. Louis Zoo, but there were quite a few.

Reason #3 why this was the best day at the zoo: The baby elephants were out and they were soooo cute! They were playing under the waterfall. This was the icing on top of the cake for me.


little ones

It was so great to be able to see the elephants being so playful, to see one having fun in the water, and to see the little ones. After watching the elephants for a bit we got a snack.

Reason #4 why this was the best day at the zoo: I had a yummy funnel cake.

We saw the rest of the animals lions and zebras and giraffes, but nothing could top the elephants.



At the end a huge storm came through in typical St. Louis fashion. One second its gorgeous and the sun is shining and the next there’s a flash flood watch. We stayed in the cafeteria for a while waiting for the storm to past. When it let up we walked to the car, and a huge tree had fallen on a car that was about 4 cars away from us.

Reason #5 why this was the best day at the zoo: my friend’s car didn’t get crushed by a tree. God loves us.