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pier 1 imports

July 22, 2010

I spent last weekend moving into my new apartment. My mom put her fantastic interior design skills to work and gave me a sophisticated, young adult room that I absolutely love! There is no pink anywhere in my room (an accomplishment for me). My mom and I bought so much stuff this weekend it’s ridiculous! One of the first stores we stopped at was Pier 1 Imports.

I posted about an elephant table from Pier 1 Imports a little while ago but I have to mention this store again. They have so much elephant decor in that store I couldn’t believe it. Everywhere I turned there was something else in the store that was elephant-themed. And the Pier 1 website does not nearly showcase the amount of elephant products in the store. In the store there’s about twice as much as shown on the website!

Here are a few of my favorites…

This jeweled elephant is beautiful. It is a hand-crafted and hand-painted wooden elephant:

Jeweled Elephant, $79.98 (clearance), Pier 1

Next up are these adorable salt and pepper shaker. I would over-season my food just so I could use these:

Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers, $8.00, Pier 1

If you thought the salt and pepper shakers were cute, these have them beat 20 times over. And I’m about 100 percent sure that I’ll be buying these:

Elephant Measuring Cup, Pier 1, $14.95

Just in case you were having trouble remembering to take a shower everyday, this might help:

Elephant Loofah, $1.08 (clearance), Pier 1

I hope these items are proof that Pier 1 Imports has THE BEST elephant products for your home! THE BEST!


name an elephant

July 15, 2010

Long time, no see (or write). I miss you guys! Hopefully after I make my move to Atlanta I can begin to post more regularly again. I move tomorrow. It came so fast!

Enough of talking about me… let’s talk about elephants!

Until Sunday, July 25th you can submit names to the San Diego Zoo for its newest baby elephant. The calf was born on May 12th and has still been yet to be named. Once the English name is chosen it will be translated into Siswati, the native language of Swaziland. The Kingdom of Swaziland is where the calf’s mother and father were rescued.

The mother’s name is Umoga which means spirit in Siswati. The entire elephant herd at the San Diego Zoo has symbolic names.

The San Diego Zoo will be taking name submissions online until July 25th. Then the public will be able to vote on the name finalists on the San Diego Zoo website. The most popular name will be announced on August 26th at “Elephant Odyssey,” the zoo’s elephant exhibit.

How many people can say they named an elephant? If you want to give the name game a shot, go here and submit your name ideas!

Below is a picture the nameless baby…

He needs a name!