pier 1 imports

July 22, 2010

I spent last weekend moving into my new apartment. My mom put her fantastic interior design skills to work and gave me a sophisticated, young adult room that I absolutely love! There is no pink anywhere in my room (an accomplishment for me). My mom and I bought so much stuff this weekend it’s ridiculous! One of the first stores we stopped at was Pier 1 Imports.

I posted about an elephant table from Pier 1 Imports a little while ago but I have to mention this store again. They have so much elephant decor in that store I couldn’t believe it. Everywhere I turned there was something else in the store that was elephant-themed. And the Pier 1 website does not nearly showcase the amount of elephant products in the store. In the store there’s about twice as much as shown on the website!

Here are a few of my favorites…

This jeweled elephant is beautiful. It is a hand-crafted and hand-painted wooden elephant:

Jeweled Elephant, $79.98 (clearance), Pier 1

Next up are these adorable salt and pepper shaker. I would over-season my food just so I could use these:

Elephant Salt & Pepper Shakers, $8.00, Pier 1

If you thought the salt and pepper shakers were cute, these have them beat 20 times over. And I’m about 100 percent sure that I’ll be buying these:

Elephant Measuring Cup, Pier 1, $14.95

Just in case you were having trouble remembering to take a shower everyday, this might help:

Elephant Loofah, $1.08 (clearance), Pier 1

I hope these items are proof that Pier 1 Imports has THE BEST elephant products for your home! THE BEST!


One comment

  1. Wow! I didnt even notice all of these things while we were shopping! You really have an eye for spotting the elephant! Lol!!!!

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