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little sis tupelo

October 5, 2010

In May I wrote about baby Baylor, an Asian elephant born May 4th 2010 at the Houston Zoo. Now Baylor is a big brother! On Sunday, October 3rd 2010 (almost exactly 5 months later) baby Tupelo was born.

Tupelo is a girl and she weighed 273 pounds at birth! She’s Baylor’s half-sister. They have the same father, Thailand. Tupelo’s mother is 29 year old Tess.

Here are some pictures of the new addition to Houston Zoo elephant family:



r.i.p. yum yum

October 4, 2010

Australia’s oldest African elephant, Yum Yum, has passed away at the age of 41. Yum Yum lived at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo in Regional New South Wales since its opening in 1977.

Officials at the zoo say that Yum Yum suffered from a mystery digestive illness and had to be euthanized. Tests will be carried out in order to determine an exact cause of death.

Yum Yum

Cuddles, Yum Yum’s close friend, is currently mourning the loss. She is now the last remaining African elephant in Australia.

Yum Yum (front) and Cuddles (back)

R.I.P Yum Yum