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picnic with an elephant

May 17, 2011

The weather has been great here in Atlanta. It cooled down a bit the last couple of days but its warming right back up. I would say if you’re planning to go on a picnic, go before the end of May. After that it may just be too hot, especially if you live in the South. What’s a picnic without the perfect basket to put all of your goodies in? Jess, a medical school friend of mine, found this beautiful elephant picnic basket online:

Royal Plantation Elephant Basket, $325, kate spade

Not only could it be used for a picnic basket, just as easily you can use it as a unique purse! You wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without someone noticing! There’s just one problem… It costs $325. So for now I will just have to dream about carrying it around in my dreams while hoping somebody feels extra generous on my birthday coming up in June… hint hint :)

If you’re interested it can be found on kate spade’s website here.