Since before I could walk elephants have been my absolute favorite animals on the planet. I used to dream about growing up, making tons of money, and buying a house with a huge backyard so that I could have an elephant as a pet. I realize how dumb that idea is now, but back then it seemed like a completely realistic goal. My love for elephants grew more as I grew older and I continue to learn amazing things about elephants all the time.

Most people cannot understand my fascination with elephants. When I told my friends I was starting a blog dedicated to elephants, some people laughed and some just looked confused. However, there were a couple of people who were excited about it and who said they couldn’t wait to read it. This blog is for those people, for the few people in the world who love elephants as much as I do.  This blog is for those people who are inspired by elephants. This blog is for those who don’t think its weird that elephants are my muse… my elephant muse :)

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