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the elephant parade, london

May 10, 2010

I probably should’ve wrote about this last week when it began, but I was busy figuring out what I was gonna do with the next four years of life. Well, I figured it out, so that’s good. I will be attending Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. I’m really excited/nervous/happy to be starting this next phase of my life. And I’m so happy I have this blog because I think it will be a great outlet during the stressful days of medical school.

Now, that I’ve updated you on my life, let’s talk elephants!

Last week was the beginning of the Elephant Parade in London. Throughout London there are 260 life-size elephants painted and decorated by celebrities, designers, and artists. Isaac Mizrahi, Diane von Frustenburg, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few who participated. The elephants will be on display all over the city of London through the months of May and June.

The Elephant Parade is hosted by Elephant Family and the Greater London Authority. The goal of the parade is to raise awareness of the dire situation Asian elephants are in. Additionally, at the end of the two month display the elephants will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit 20 different conservation agencies in the United Kingdom.

How some of these elephants are created are so creative and intricate. I wish I was in London because it seems like such a lovely art project around the city. Below are a few pictures from the Elephant Parade.

So cool. Which one is your favorite?


elephant tattoo!!!

May 3, 2010
Hi friends. I am getting extra excited.  I’m finally getting my tattoo! And its gonna be of an elephant! This is something that I’ve been thinking about and researching off and on for more than a year. I got kind of serious last summer but I never went through with it. I think this is the summer that it is actually gonna happen though.

I plan on getting it for my birthday which is in June. This will also be right before I leave St. Louie forever (or at least for a long time). I’m going to medical school in the fall so after five years in St. Louis, I’m saying goodbye. I kind of want the tattoo to be something that always reminds me of St. Louis.

Elephants mean so many things to me and that is why I’ve chosen to get an elephant. They symbolize wisdom, loyalty, strength, longevity, nobility… I can go on and on. Also, elephants are often seen as symbols of good luck or good fortune, especially when their trunks are up. I want the trunk on my elephant tattoo to be up, I’ve decided.

I actually would like some feedback from all of you guys. I’m gonna tell you what I want and then I’m gonna show you some designs I like. The tattoo won’t be identical to any of the ideas. I think I’m gonna see if my lover and very talented artist Sarah can design something for me from my preferences.

So here’s what I know I want at this point…. I don’t want color (all black). I don’t want the tattoo to be filled in. I don’t want it to be too cartoonish. But I also don’t want it to be extra realistic and detailed. I want simple. I may want two or more elephants since elephants are social creatures. I want something smaller.

Here are some designs that I’ve been looking at. In the caption I will say what I like about each one…

i love the simplicity of this one

adult dragging baby outline

i really like this one. dont know why

i think the elephant part of this would be a great design. its like they are protecting each other

would like something like this across the back. i realize that wouldn't be small...

i like that this one is a bit more realistic than some of the others

absolutely adorable. would make the trunk lift up higher

so simple. i love simple. i would add an eye :)

like the action and the bits of detail

These are some of my favorites. I would love to hear feedback from you! Tell me which one you like and why!


lucy the elephant

April 6, 2010

Today marks the opening day for guided tours of Lucy the Elephant in Margate, New Jersey. Lucy is a 129 year old, 90 ton, 65 foot tall wooden elephant. Born in 1881, she is considered America’s oldest roadside attraction. James Vincent de Paul Lafferty, Jr. is the creator of Miss Lucy. He wanted to attract visitors and buyers to South Atlantic City. I am not really sure why he thought a giant elephant would attract people to the area but it actually kind of worked. In 1976, Lucy became a National Historic Landmark. However, Lucy’s life has never been easy. In 1969, Lucy was almost destroyed but protests and fundraisers by the Save Lucy Committee saved her. They were able to renonvate and relocate Lucy, but the struggles remain. Maintaining Lucy is very costly and the Save Lucy Committee continues to work hard to raise money to keep Lucy from falling apart. I think this would be a great attraction to visit if you are in the Jersey area. Something different and fun!

Lucy the Elephant

Admission fee: Adults $4.00, Children $3.00
Address: 9200 Atlantic Avenue, Margate, NJ 08402
Phone: 609-823-6473
Send donations to: Save Lucy Committee, Inc., P.O. Box 3336, Margate, NJ 08402