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dallas mavericks 2011 nba champions

June 13, 2011

I had to find a way to incorporate the victory of my  favorite sport’s team of all time into a blog post related to elephants. I can honestly say last night was one of the best nights of my life and its because the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA Championship for the first time in franchise history. Here are 3 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks team reminds me of a herd of elephants:

1) Elephants are known for their social cohesiveness, loyalty to one another, and teamwork.

These qualities  are the reason why the 2011 Dallas Mavericks team will go down in history. They proved to us that basketball will and always will be a team sport. Remember that old quote from Aristotle “The whole is greater than the sum of its part”. That is what the Mavericks showed us last night, reminding us of an important fact of life. I think Mark Cuban (Mavs owner) summed it up well… “I learned chemistry matters, that it’s a team game. That you have to have players that believe in each other and trust each other and trust your coach.” I think we all re-learned that last night.

2) The matriarch is the leader of the elephant herd and is well-respected.

Dirk is the matriarch of the Dallas Mavericks. He led his team to victory and never looked back. He always looked forward. In Game 2 when Mavericks had came back from a 15 point deficit in the 3 and Jason Terry let Chalmers hit a 3 from the corner, Dirk told Terry “I got you”. And he did. He came back with the lefty-layup to win the game. That’s a leader.  Jason Terry also said “What set him apart from all those other years, he made his teammates better”. He was able to do that because he had complete respect from all of the players surrounding him.

3) Elephants never forget.

The Dallas Mavericks embarrassingly lost to the Miami Heat in 2006. It is something that Dirk, Terry, and the rest of Mavs nation will never forget. The Dallas Mavericks, specifically Dirk and Terry, were not gonna let that happen again. In Game 6 when Dirk made 1 of 12 shots in the first half Jason Terry told Dirk to “remember 06”. That obviously did something to Dirk because he came back in the second half with a vengeance. Now, the Dallas Mavericks have a new memory, and we ain’t ever gonna forget it!



happy birthday twitter

March 21, 2011

Today is the social networking site Twitter’s fifth birthday! Happy Birthday Twitter! Co-founder Jack Dorsey sent the first tweet that read “just setting up my twttr”. Twitter is now valued at more than $10 billion dollar and more than 1 billion tweets are sent per day.

In honor of Twitter’s fifth year, I wanted to highlight some elephant lovers that I follow….

@SacredElephants – She writes an amazingly wonderful blog about elephants that I would highly recommend.

@Elephant_Parade – The twitter page for the elephant parade in London that I talked about here.

@ELEPHANTSdotCOM – Ran by the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, is the nation’s largest natural habitat refuge developed for endangered elephants.

@1luckyelephant – This is the twitter site for the movie One Lucky Elephant. It is the story about a circus owner who works to try to find a home for his elephant. I wrote about it here in 2010.

@elephantlovers– For elephant lovers! Interesting facts, articles, and information.

Lastly, you can follow me @ceceisha. The links to all of my posts show are tweeted as soon as I publish!



little sis tupelo

October 5, 2010

In May I wrote about baby Baylor, an Asian elephant born May 4th 2010 at the Houston Zoo. Now Baylor is a big brother! On Sunday, October 3rd 2010 (almost exactly 5 months later) baby Tupelo was born.

Tupelo is a girl and she weighed 273 pounds at birth! She’s Baylor’s half-sister. They have the same father, Thailand. Tupelo’s mother is 29 year old Tess.

Here are some pictures of the new addition to Houston Zoo elephant family:



r.i.p. yum yum

October 4, 2010

Australia’s oldest African elephant, Yum Yum, has passed away at the age of 41. Yum Yum lived at the Taronga Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo in Regional New South Wales since its opening in 1977.

Officials at the zoo say that Yum Yum suffered from a mystery digestive illness and had to be euthanized. Tests will be carried out in order to determine an exact cause of death.

Yum Yum

Cuddles, Yum Yum’s close friend, is currently mourning the loss. She is now the last remaining African elephant in Australia.

Yum Yum (front) and Cuddles (back)

R.I.P Yum Yum


baby baylor

May 21, 2010

On Tuesday May 4th, 2010 a baby elephant was born at the Houston Zoo to mother Shanti. The baby was named Baylor in order to recognize the efforts of the Baylor College of Medicine to decrease the threat of the elephant herpes virus. This virus is extremely dangerous and a significant killer of baby elephants bred in captivity.

Houston Culture Map published a photo exhibit entitled Elephant Walk. It showcases some of Baylor’s daily activities as a newborn. Below are a few pictures from Elephant Walk. They’ll make you smile :)


the elephant parade, london

May 10, 2010

I probably should’ve wrote about this last week when it began, but I was busy figuring out what I was gonna do with the next four years of life. Well, I figured it out, so that’s good. I will be attending Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA. I’m really excited/nervous/happy to be starting this next phase of my life. And I’m so happy I have this blog because I think it will be a great outlet during the stressful days of medical school.

Now, that I’ve updated you on my life, let’s talk elephants!

Last week was the beginning of the Elephant Parade in London. Throughout London there are 260 life-size elephants painted and decorated by celebrities, designers, and artists. Isaac Mizrahi, Diane von Frustenburg, and Tommy Hilfiger are just a few who participated. The elephants will be on display all over the city of London through the months of May and June.

The Elephant Parade is hosted by Elephant Family and the Greater London Authority. The goal of the parade is to raise awareness of the dire situation Asian elephants are in. Additionally, at the end of the two month display the elephants will be auctioned off and the proceeds will benefit 20 different conservation agencies in the United Kingdom.

How some of these elephants are created are so creative and intricate. I wish I was in London because it seems like such a lovely art project around the city. Below are a few pictures from the Elephant Parade.

So cool. Which one is your favorite?


uncle elephant wins goldman prize

April 20, 2010

Uncle Elephant! What a cool name! This is the nickname of Tuy Sereivathana, a Cambodian man, who has worked toward peaceful living between elephants and humans in Cambodia.

Yesterday, Mr. Sereivathana, was awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize in San Francisco. The Goldman Prize website says the mission of the prize is to “annually honor grassroots environmental heroes from the six inhabited continental regions: Africa, Asia, Europe, Islands and Island Nations, North America, and South and Central America”. The six Goldman Prize recipients each received $150,000 to further advance their efforts to protect the environment.

In Cambodia, people live in close proximity to elephants and elephants would often destroy homes and farms of the Cambodian people when looking for food. Cambodians would ward off these elephants with violence– guns, knives, poison. These practices did not make the living situation ideal for elephants or humans. Remember the posts about elephant memories? Violence will make elephants more dangerous in the long run because they will remember past wrongs. Additionally, the elephant population was continuing to dwindle.

Uncle Elephant has worked to put a stop to all of this. He developed ways to avoid conflict between humans and elephants. His grassroots model “revolves around building trust with farmers and giving them the resources to fend off elephant attacks” (San Francisco Chronicle). Villagers in Cambodia now use things like hot chiles, fireworks, fences, and foghorns to ward off elephants.

Tuy also has set up schools in Cambodia to teach children about the environmentnt and how to live harmoniously with animals and nature. He has set up four schools and currently has about 250 children in atttendance each week. He believes that starting young will make it easier for the children to get along with elephants, other animals, and the environment in the future.

Uncle Elephant’s program has been successful. There have only been a few recorded elephant attacks since 2003. Moreover, he wants to continue to work to increase the elephant population. Currently, there are less than 400 elephants in Cambodia, but Uncle Elephant hopes his efforts will increase that number to more than 1,000 in the next 20 or so years. He is also expanding his programs to other countries where there is a lot of human-elephant conflict.

I think Mr. Sereviathana is doing a great job with his efforts and I am proud to call him Uncle Elephant!

Uncle Elephant

For more information about Tuy Sereviathana and the Goldman Prize visit here.