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elephants love snow?

January 10, 2011

Even if you don’t like snow, there is always one good thing that can come from it: a snow day. We all live for snow days. No school, no work, snowball fights, snowmen, snow angels…. these are the things that make snow days so special.

In Atlanta, there had been predictions of 3-6 inches of snow beginning Sunday night through Monday. Sunday afternoon I predicted that school would be canceled on Monday. Sunday night Emory University sent out notification that the university would be closed. However, all of the medical students received an email saying that class would not be canceled. Later that night, we received an email that class would begin at 9am. Still no snow day.

I wake up in the morning to a beautiful snowy day still wishfully thinking that class would be canceled. I even thought about just not going. However, I get up and get ready. Then my roommate tells me the shuttles are not running. How are we supposed to get to school?! I’m definitely not driving in this weather and I don’t even have a parking pass. I text some people and see what they are doing and they are not going. At this point, I’m ready to give up. Obviously, it wasn’t meant for me to go to school. I decide to check my email one last time and low and behold we have a SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!  I then tell my friends I’m always right and they should trust me :)

As much as humans love our snow days, elephants seem to love them even more! Berlin received lots of snow over the holidays, and the elephants at the Berlin Zoo seemed to enjoy playing in it. Below are some pictures of elephants frolicking in the snow…

washing himself with snow?


nice snow ball!


throwing snow on top of eachother




abominable snow elephant


To all the folks in the South with a snow day, enjoy it!!

(All photos are from Getty/AFP)


happy new year

January 1, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I just wanted to wish you all a healthy, prosperous and enjoyable 2011! I’m excited for what this year has to bring and I hope you are too!

I started this blog in 2010 and it has been a wonderful experience. I would say my New Year’s Resolution is to update more often but that would probably end up with me updating even less. Haha.

However, what I will say is this blog was an important part of my life in 2010, and it will continue to be in 2011. I won’t make any promises on how often I will update, but I will be around! I promise!



merry christmas!

December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the day with friends and family!

If you want to get a head start and use this image on Christmas cards next year, go here!


elephant in the womb

November 4, 2010

This is a picture of a fetal elephant inside its mother’s womb. Kind of AMAZING. And really pretty. 

You can see pictures of other animals inside the womb here.


irrelephant website

September 15, 2010

Yes, they went there…

I hope it at least brought a smirk to your face. I thought it to be quite amusing.


balance is the key to life

August 15, 2010

Technically I’ve been in medical school for three weeks now. The first week started on July 26th was orientation. The week after that we spent a week shadowing physicians in the hospital. And this past week was our first actual week of class. This week was still pretty stress-free because it was an introduction to health and disease and what it means to be a physician.

For the past three weeks we have been constantly reminded of how important it is as medical students and future physicians to have balance in our lives. Basically, the faculty have been telling us to study A LOT, but don’t forget the fun stuff. Don’t forget to spend time with friends and family, exercise, and partake in the activities that you enjoy the most. Our last lecture on Friday once again emphasized balance and we were left with this fantastic image at the end of class:


name an elephant

July 15, 2010

Long time, no see (or write). I miss you guys! Hopefully after I make my move to Atlanta I can begin to post more regularly again. I move tomorrow. It came so fast!

Enough of talking about me… let’s talk about elephants!

Until Sunday, July 25th you can submit names to the San Diego Zoo for its newest baby elephant. The calf was born on May 12th and has still been yet to be named. Once the English name is chosen it will be translated into Siswati, the native language of Swaziland. The Kingdom of Swaziland is where the calf’s mother and father were rescued.

The mother’s name is Umoga which means spirit in Siswati. The entire elephant herd at the San Diego Zoo has symbolic names.

The San Diego Zoo will be taking name submissions online until July 25th. Then the public will be able to vote on the name finalists on the San Diego Zoo website. The most popular name will be announced on August 26th at “Elephant Odyssey,” the zoo’s elephant exhibit.

How many people can say they named an elephant? If you want to give the name game a shot, go here and submit your name ideas!

Below is a picture the nameless baby…

He needs a name!